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On this page you can find a few internet resources that we recommend. They will help you to grow in faith and your walk with God. Just click on the logos below the reviews.

This is for all you budding scientists. Creation Ministries International is a non-profit young Earth creationist organisation of autonomous Christian apologetics ministries that promote a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis.

Guy Miller

Guy Miller is married to Heather and they have four children. Guy leads the Eldership team of Citygate Church in Bournemouth – part of the Newfrontiers group of churches. He also oversees churches in the South and South West of the UK and in various countries abroad. 

Terry Virgo

Terry Virgo is based at Kings Church Kingston, London, UK and is the founder of Newfrontiers, a worldwide family of churches together on a mission to establish the kingdom of God by restoring the church, making disciples, training leaders and planting churches. Newfrontiers serves nearly 1,000 churches across 70 countries.

A well-known Bible teacher, Terry speaks at conferences internationally and hosted the annual Together on a Mission conference in the UK, which drew thousands of delegates from around the world.

Terry has written several books, including The Spirit Filled Church, God’s Lavish Grace, God Knows You’re Human, The Tide is Turning and No Well-Worn Paths which is his biography.

Real Marriage – Mark Driscoll

Although Pastor Mark was involved in some controversy in 2014. This is not your average sermon series on marriage. It won’t give you five steps to happiness. It won’t talk about sex in code. It won’t talk about how you can have a quick fix regarding your marriage. No, this is a sermon series about Jesus—and what he has to say about marriage through the Bible. And by submitting to His Lordship, how He can radically transform your marriage by transforming you.

This marriage course continues to be an excellent resource for believers despite Pastor Mark Driscoll’s resignation from Mars Hill Church, Seattle. If you are interested in doing a marriage course at Beacon Church Bridport or you need pastoral guidance or prayer concerning your marriage please do not hesitate to contact us at

Real Marriage DVDs can be purchased from Amazon or other retail services. Alternatively, you can watch the sermons on Youtube just follow the link provided:

Think Theology

This blog was set up by a group of pastors who enjoy spending time wrestling with deep theological questions and helping others to engage with them. Essentially they are a bunch of thinkers and writers who are passionate about the Church, and think that what you – and they – think matters.